Although strikes on London’s tube network may be inconvenient and unpopular, they aren’t over.

Planned strike action looks set to go ahead on Sunday – more than 3,000 RMT staff will walk out with Zone 1 expected to suffer worst.

The strikes are taking place because of an on-going dispute involving the RMT and TSSA unions.

The dispute revolves around the axing of 900 staff and closure of ticket offices which took place during Boris Johnson’s stint as London Mayor.

According to the unions, the job cuts compromise safety on the network servicing over four million people per day.

RMT Protest (courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)


There is division between the unions over these particular strikes; whilst the TSSA aren’t taking part, the RMT remains set to go ahead with action.

Further to these walk outs, the RMT union warns of similar action in March if an agreement fails to be reached.

The precise times of this batch of strikes have been released:

  • 18:00 Sunday 5th Feb – 10:00 Monday 6th Feb
  • 10:00 Tuesday 7th Feb – 01:00 Wednesday 8th Feb

Transport for London has warned that transport above ground will be extremely busy; commuters are strongly encouraged to walk to work.

Driving into London is discouraged unless essential. If necessary, drivers are instructed to use the North and South Circular roads and the M25.

Courtesy of Flickr


Londoners, get those elbows ready for the Monday bun fight.