The new offering has been designed to meet the rising demand for smarter technology around the world in a new era where hybrid working and learning models have become the norm


Lenovo TruScale is expected to address the increasing demand for smarter technology around the world. (Credit: Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Scalable Grid Engine / Wikimedia Commons)

Lenovo has launched a new global everything-as-a-service offering called Lenovo TruScale to embody its vision and transformation for the next reality.

The launch was made during the computer hardware firm’s seventh annual Tech World event.

The new offering marks an evolution in its consumption-based business model, said the company.

Through the new platform, Lenovo is aiming to provide consumers and business leaders with new solutions and technologies to handle unprecedented change in business, living, education, and beyond.

It has designed Lenovo TruScale to meet the increasing demand for smarter technology around the world in a new era that is witnessing hybrid working and learning models.

Lenovo said that it expanding the TruScale brand beyond infrastructure services. The company plans to bring all of its as-a-service offerings under one umbrella to offer a global solution that enables everything from the pocket to the cloud available through a single contract framework.

Lenovo solutions and services group president Ken Wong said: “Digital transformation is accelerating faster than ever, and companies are struggling to keep pace with the speed of innovation. We hear from CIOs every day that their organisations’ technology needs are evolving every 12-18 months.

“With Lenovo TruScale, customers can expect one solution, one provider, one contract framework, and a single point of accountability for everything-as-a-service.”

The everything-as-a-service platform will offer the flexibility that businesses of all sizes require to stay competitive. The platform will have a scalable, cloud-like consumption model along with predictable payment options for hardware and service inclusions.

Using the new platform, IT leaders can have their infrastructure solutions fully managed to provide customers with the advantages of an on-premises cloud environment.

Lenovo said that its existing device-as-a-service solution (DaaS) will be moving under the TruScale umbrella. The company said that it is also building a new way to deliver as-a-service to the market and provide the ultimate flexibility to organisations in how they make use of their IT infrastructure, services, and software.