Leveraging Google Cloud’s managed AI and analytics services, Infosys Cortex allows enterprises to spin up new AI-powered customer engagement services quickly


A building in the Infosys Thiruvananthapuram in Technopark Phase 3. (Credit: Binoyjsdk/ Wikipedia)

Indian IT services provider Infosys has launched its customer engagement platform, Infosys Cortex, using Genesys’ solution along with Contact Center AI services from Google Cloud and its managed AI and analytics services.

Infosys Cortex, part of Infosys Cobalt, provides insights to support purposeful customer communication, smarter and quick decision-making, helping enterprises to improve their customer care operations.

The AI-first, cloud-first customer engagement platform, leveraging a modular microservices-based architecture, is said to help businesses achieve up to 40% faster and more effective agent hiring and learning.

Infosys claims that its Infosys Cortex improves agent performance by up to 30% with training before operationalising the contact centre and enhances customer satisfaction by up to 30% through intent prediction and self-service.

Infosys Cortex to improve operations by up to 40%

Furthermore, the solution is said to improve operations by up to 40% through cognitive automation and analysis of contextual data across systems leveraging Infosys Data and Analytics Platform powered by Google Cloud.

Infosys president Ravi Kumar said: “Our experience of managing the IT landscapes of large complex enterprises, expertise across industry domains, and strengths in enabling workforce learning uniquely equips us to help businesses deliver customer delight.

“With Infosys Cortex, we can now share with them the digital capabilities to future-proof their customer relationships.”

Infosys Cortex will combine with Genesys Engage, an omnichannel engagement solution developed on a multi-cloud architecture, enabling businesses to provide faster personalised interactions at each touchpoint.

The Indian IT services firm stated that its new customer engagement platform will help enterprises to use Google Cloud’s AI services as they prepare for the next normal.

Using AI-powered voicebots, chatbots, interaction analytics from Google, and IVR from Genesys, firms can shift from being remote-ready to driving digital customer service from anywhere.

Google Cloud Global Ecosystem corporate vice president Kevin Ichhpurani said: “More than ever, it’s important that businesses deliver positive experiences for consumers, and help them resolve questions or issues quickly and effectively even while teams and agents are working remotely.

“By leveraging Google Cloud’s managed AI and analytics services, Infosys Cortex delivers these capabilities to enterprises, enabling them to spin up new AI-powered customer engagement services quickly and ultimately helping businesses better serve their customers.”