By using weather datasets offered by IBM Watson Advertising, businesses can analyse how weather impacts consumer purchasing in various categories like pharmaceuticals, apparel, consumer packaged goods, and indoor and outdoor activities


IBM Watson Advertising to offer weather analytics for AWS Data Exchange users. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

IBM Watson Advertising, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered advertising solution from IBM, has made data from The Weather Company available on AWS Data Exchange, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

The Weather Company, which offers weather products and technology, is owned by IBM.

According to IBM, the weather analytics of IBM Watson Advertising with AI makes use of the relationship between weather and consumer behaviour to get deep insights to help businesses make more confident enterprise decisions that are driven by data and insights.

With the help of weather datasets, businesses can analyse how weather impacts consumer purchasing across various categories like pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, apparel, and indoor and outdoor activities, said IBM.

Furthermore, inform campaigns, supply chain and forecasting decisions can be taken up with the help of local data by ZIP code, which include archived weather data, forecast weather data for 15 days, and relative data like windy, hot, cold, and other conditions.

IBM stated that the data can even help surface unique or non-obvious relationships between weather and consumer behaviour.

The company added those insights which reveal locations where the weather could impact sales can help businesses drive revenue on the basis of predictive consumer behaviour.

The Weather Company CEO and IBM Watson Advertising general manager Sheri Bachstein said: “We know that weather can impact nearly everything in daily life — how we feel, what we do, even what we buy.

“This expanded relationship with AWS gives more businesses access to the weather data that can drive consumer behaviour and purchasing. We are committed to opening up our insights and technology to a broad set of organisations, and giving more companies access to what we know can be growth- and efficiency-driving data and tech.”

Through the AWS Data Exchange platform, businesses can find and subscribe to third-party data from providers in the cloud. Subscribers can either use the AWS console or APIs to load IBM Watson Advertising solutions into a range of AWS analytics and machine learning services, said IBM.