The partnership will see the integration of IBM's advanced commercial research with Raytheon Technologies' own research

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The AI solutions will also be offered to the US federal government. (Credit: IBM)

IBM has partnered with Raytheon Technologies to develop artificial intelligence, cryptographic and quantum solutions for the aerospace, defence and intelligence industries.

The partnership will see the integration of IBM’s advanced commercial research with Raytheon Technologies’ own research, plus aerospace and defence expertise for the development of the solutions.

The solutions will also be offered to the US federal government.

IBM stated that AI and quantum technologies enable its aerospace and government customers to rapidly design systems, secure their communications networks and enhance decision-making processes.

The two companies will also jointly research and develop advanced cryptographic technologies for the aerospace industry and government agencies.

IBM senior vice president and research director Dario Gil said: “The rapid advancement of quantum computing and its exponential capabilities has spawned one of the greatest technological races in recent history – one that demands unprecedented agility and speed.

“Our new collaboration with Raytheon Technologies will be a catalyst in advancing these state-of-the-art technologies – combining their expertise in aerospace, defence and intelligence with IBM’s next-generation technologies to make discovery faster, and the scope of that discovery larger than ever.”

IBM and Raytheon Technologies are setting up a technical collaboration team to rapidly insert IBM’s commercial technologies into active aerospace, defence and intelligence programmes.

The team is also expected to explore technologies for the development of long-term system solutions.

Separately, IBM and Deloitte have launched DAPPER, an AI-enabled managed analytics solution that allows organisations to unlock business insights in hybrid cloud environments.

The AI solution combines the Deloitte Analytics Platform with IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift.

DAPPER, which is a managed service run by Deloitte in the IBM Cloud, enable organisations to scale up operations, promote trust in their data, and facilitate smart reporting.

The managed AI solution allows business users to prevent lengthy time associated with developing, implementing, and managing a bespoke solution.