New partnerships with Boston Dynamics, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Turnium Technology Group are aimed at helping the digital transformation of businesses

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New collaborations to enable IBM to play a major role in helping the telecommunications industry. (Credit: IBM)

IBM has announced new collaborations and expanded partnerships to strengthen its hybrid cloud, AI, network automation and security capabilities.

Revealed at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles (MWC LA), the partnerships are expected to enable IBM to play a major role in helping the telecommunications industry, as 5G and Edge Computing change the way how business and consumers connect.

IBM leverages its AI-powered automation software and services to bring innovations for communication service providers (CSPs).

According to the company, IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, and services from IBM Consulting are designed to help CSPs to drive innovation and 5G adoption.

IBM software defined networking general manager Andrew Coward said: “A recent study from the IBM Institute for Business Value on “The end of communications services as we know them” revealed that 59% of high performing CSPs surveyed agree they must become secure clouds infused with AI and automation.

“The study also says, that Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are thinking more strategically about 5G-enabled edge computing more for its ability to building more revenues as 5G and edge computing usher in a new reality for businesses.”

To help businesses in their digital transformation journeys, the company is now collaborating with Boston Dynamics, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Turnium Technology Group.

By partnering with Boston Dynamics, IBM intends to provide data analysis at the edge to help companies address worker safety, optimise field operations, and enhance maintenance productivity in industrial environments.

The collaboration will see the integration of Spot, the agile, mobile robot from Boston Dynamics, in the development of edge payloads by IBM Consulting, with AI and hybrid cloud innovations from IBM Research.

IBM is expanding its partnership with Cisco for offerings that enable orchestration and management of virtual 5G networks.

The company has also extended its collaboration with Palo Alto Networks to help address security requirements for telecom operators deploying 5G Networks and Edge services.

As part of the partnership with IBM, Turnium Technology Group is expected to bring Technology Assurance Group’s (TAG) network of managed technology service providers to IBM Cloud for Telecommunications.

Coward said: “We are continuing to help CSPs embrace secured technologies like automation, AI and hybrid cloud, and we believe IBM is uniquely positioned to provide the software and consulting needed to evolve their digital architecture.”