The new capabilities provide businesses with expanded Watson tools to govern and explain AI-led decisions

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Watson is being applied by major global brands across a variety of industries. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Technology giant IBM has launched new capabilities for Watson to help businesses enhance confidence in AI-powered outcomes.

Watson is IBM’s AI technology for business to automate complex processes, and optimise employees’ time. The technology is being applied by major global brands across a variety of industries.

With the addition of new capabilities, businesses are provided with expanded Watson tools to govern and explain AI-led decisions, increase insight accuracy, mitigate risks and meet privacy and compliance requirements.

IBM AI and data general manager Daniel Hernandez said: “AI is only as useful as your trust in it. Especially in business and when the stakes are high.

“IBM Watson continues to deliver critical new capabilities to help enterprises build trust into every step of the AI lifecycle so business leaders can confidently operationalize AI across the hybrid cloud.”

The new capabilities include updates to IBM Watson Studio, IBM OpenPages with Watson and IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

IBM has designed the new capabilities to help address key barriers to trust in data and AI models.

To help businesses meet emerging data privacy challenges, a new Data Privacy Management module has been added to IBM OpenPages with Watson.

According to the company, IBM OpenPages will now be able to offer near real-time view of the usage of private data throughout the organisation, by integrating with Watson Knowledge Catalog.

To improve the capabilities of IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, a new statistical details page has been added for enhanced explainability for planning forecasts.

The page is designed to offer easy-to-understand facts about how a forecasting prediction was generated.

For IBM Watson Studio, the company has added federated learning capabilities to enable businesses apply machine learning techniques to situations where the movement of data is now allowed.

Germany’s largest airline Deutsche Lufthansa is using IBM Watson Studio to build a trusted data and AI foundation to improve the customer experience.

The company has also added Time Series capabilities to IBM Watson Studio. The capabilities, which are available in beta, are designed to tackle the challenges of automating, analysing, and forecasting time series data witnessed in industries like finance, manufacturing, and retail.

In February, IBM has partnered with Palantir Technologies for the introduction of a new product called Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data to help businesses in deploying open AI applications.