The duo will create a platform powered by IBM’s AI-powered automation software in a hybrid cloud environment to undertake the task


IBM and ACME SAICO to fully automate 22 wheat silos in Egypt by the end of 2021. (Credit: Momentmal from Pixabay)

IBM and ACME SAICO will help the Egyptian Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade to fully automate 22 wheat silos across Egypt by the end of this year.

For this, IBM will employ its artificial intelligence (AI) powered automation software.

The automation task will support the Ministry’s plans to digitise the wheat supply chain. Besides, it will help Egypt implement governance systems on its strategic stock.

IBM and ACME SAICO will create a platform powered by the former’s AI-powered automation software in a hybrid cloud environment. The duo was selected by the Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage (EHCSS) on behalf of the government.

A pilot model was launched for the first automated wheat silo by the Egyptian government earlier this year in Banha. After the success of the pilot, the automation was expanded to 22 silos.

IBM Egypt general manager Wael Abdoush said: “We are proud to be part of this strategic project that supports the country’s digital transformation journey. By offering IBM’s AI and hybrid cloud approach, we’re supporting Egypt to help them achieve its strategy for sustainable development as part of the country’s 2030 Vision.”

The new platform will use IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation and IBM Cloud Pak for Integration for enabling 100% automation and governance of all the steps of shipping, transport, storage, and supply of the wheat silos.

IBM said that the automated platform is engineered for collecting data from various sensors that are embedded in the silos. The sensors will provide quantitative analytics of the wheat supply and stock status in almost real-time to the main platform at the Ministry.

According to IBM, the EHCSS can monitor and store all information related to the incoming shipments to ensure quality standards and present accurate views of the stock in silos. Additionally, EHCSS will be able to extensively address leakage in wheat silos following the automation.

IBM further said that the system will also be designed to help in better handling of the communication and coordination between various storage points and mills.

Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali El-Moselhi said: “The automation enables us to instantly monitor the wheat stock through a digital platform, providing the needed visibility to secure the supply chain.

“The platform, powered by IBM technology, ensures efficiency, stock protection, in addition to addressing logistical redundancies. This project is part of Egypt’s digital transformation strategy to upgrade services ‘level and performance across all fields.”