The collaboration is expected to allow Acclivis to use IBM Cloud Satellite to extend services such as IBM Watson to its client's data centres


IBM office in Beijing, China. (Credit: Cory Denton/Wikipedia)

IBM has partnered with Acclivis Technologies and Solutions for the deployment of IBM Cloud Satellite across Asia.

The partnership, which will see Acclivis adopting IBM Cloud Satellite, is aimed at speeding up digital transformation for regulated industries in the region.

It is expected to enable Acclivis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings, to help enterprises maintain data sovereignty and achieve regulatory compliance across hybrid cloud environments.

Based in Singapore, Acclivis offers a suite of technology capabilities in Cloud, Connectivity and the Future of Workplace.

Acclivis CEO Marcus Cheng said: “Being a long-time collaborator with IBM and a company that has broad regional reach in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, this partnership allows us to tap IBM Cloud Satellite to strengthen our portfolio of services in the cloud and data centre hosting segment.

“Coupled with seamless connectivity powered by our subsidiary, Pacific Internet, and our automated Managed Services Platform that digitizes and streamlines workflows, enterprise customers experience reduced latency and superior customer experience when they build and manage their cloud with us.”

The partnership is expected to provide secure and open cloud services for enterprises in the Asian region.

To deliver the cloud services, IBM’s capabilities in delivering security-rich and open hybrid cloud capabilities for enterprise will be combined with Acclivis’ network of data centres and Internet connectivity across the region.

As part of the partnership, Acclivis will be enabled to use IBM Cloud Satellite to extend services such as IBM Watson to its client’s data centres, moving analytics closer to where the data exists.

On the other hand, IBM will be able to leverage the regional data centre coverage of Acclivis in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand to host and manage data.

IBM Cloud Platform ASEAN leader Raymond Wong said: “IBM is collaborating with more than 65 ecosystem partners to build security-rich cloud services to help clients run workloads in any environment via IBM Cloud Satellite.

“As a technology partner to enterprises and government agencies, many in highly regulated industries, Acclivis has a broad regional data centre footprint which we can tap on to accelerate customer deployment. We look forward to elevating our relationship with Acclivis to enjoy the performance that they deserve.”