HPE Ezmeral gets new expertise for delivering open source SQL cloud service on premises and hybrid cloud through Ampool


Data analytics company Ampool joins HPE Ezmeral software organisation. (Credit: Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States/Wikipedia.org)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has acquired data analytics firm Ampool for an undisclosed price in a move to speed up hybrid analytics for customers.

Based in the US, Ampool has developed a data platform for data engineers and business analysts that delivers a cloud-native, high-performance structured query language (SQL) analytics engine.

The company is engaged in creating integrated, high performing, and secure access point for all data sources organisation-wide. This enables business analysts to get self-service and on-demand access to leverage the data to drive business outcomes.

Ampool is said to have built a data federation layer, which in combination with a multi-tiered acceleration engine, can increase analytical query processing speeds at scale.

The data analytics firm will operate under the HPE Ezmeral software organisation.

Its role will be to accelerate the analytics runtime of HPE Ezmeral for interactive SQL workloads. With Ampool, HPE Ezmeral is expected to enhance quality, throughput, repeatability, and time to value for its customers’ artificial intelligence/machine learning, analytics, as well as data-intensive workloads.

HPE Ezmeral is a software portfolio launched by HPE in June 2020 for helping enterprises in expediting digital transformation across their organisation, from edge to cloud.

Following the addition of Ampool’s team, HPE Ezmeral gains new expertise for delivering open source SQL cloud service on premises and hybrid cloud.

According to HPE, Ampool will help HPE Ezmeral address the need for modernising SQL. Stack modernising the SQL stack is at the front of analytics transformations for tackling the challenges in the hybrid cloud and disparate data space, said HPE.

HPE vice president and HPE Ezmeral GM Anant Chintamaneni, in a company blog, wrote: “The HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform combines simplicity and agility with the governance, compliance, and visibility that comes with hybrid IT, and provides a range of cloud services, including HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops.

“The acquisition builds on this strategy by adding Ampool’s technology components and open source expertise to the Ezmeral portfolio, which will over time turn into a set of SQL acceleration services made available through the HPE GreenLake cloud platform.”

Earlier this month, HPE signed a $374m deal to acquire Zerto, a cloud data management and protection platform.