Revolution Ascend incorporates a suite of AI technologies that allows to automatically personalise scans for each patient


Revolution Ascend uses a deep neural network to produce TrueFidelity CT Images. (Credit: GE Healthcare)

GE Healthcare has introduced a new computed tomography (CT) system Revolution Ascend with Effortless Workflow to enable clinicians to provide more personalised care to patients.

The new system consists of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that automate and simplify time-consuming tasks to improve operational efficiency.

GE Healthcare’s Effortless Workflow is a new suite of AI solutions that allows to automatically personalise scans for each patient.

To accommodate high body mass index (BMI) patients as well as trauma cases, Revolution Ascend features a 75cm wide-gantry, 40mm detector coverage, and lower table position.

GE Healthcare said that the system’s 75cm wide-gantry design with a lower table position provide patients additional space for enhanced CT scanning experience, as they are designed to increase the patient area inside the bore by 22%.

According to the company, the bar code reader attached to the system allows a technologist to scan the patient’s chart or tag and personalise each exam.

Revolution Ascend’s Auto Positioning feature enables to align the centre of the scan range with the isocenter of the bore.

For the alignment, Auto Positioning uses real-time depth-sensing technology to generate a 3D model of the patient’s body and a deep learning algorithm to determine the correct table elevation and cradle movements.

GE Healthcare molecular imaging and computed tomography, president and CEO Jean-Luc Procaccini said: “We designed Revolution Ascend with accessibility in mind.

“Not only does the system’s hardware help accommodate more patients with various physical limitations, but its cutting-edge AI also helps expedite exams so healthcare system schedules can accommodate additional patient scans.

“Altogether, Revolution Ascend with Effortless Workflow helps empower clinicians to reach the right diagnosis as efficiently and precisely as possible for more patients.”

In addition, the new CT system uses a deep neural network to produce TrueFidelity CT Images for enhanced reading confidence in a wide range of clinical applications, including head, whole body, and cardiovascular, for patients of all ages.

Recently, GE Healthcare unveiled a new portable, digital X-ray system AMX Navigate, which is designed with a power-assisted Free Motion telescoping column to help address technologist stress and strain.