The facility, which is the first of its kind for the company in the world, will be operated as a testbed for developing future-ready products and solutions


GE Healthcare has inaugurated its first ever 5G innovation lab. (Credit: F. Muhammad from Pixabay)

GE Healthcare has opened a 5G innovation lab in Bengaluru, India with an ambition to transform remote care with 5G-enabled healthcare solutions.

The facility, which is the first of its kind for the company in the world, will be used as a testbed for developing future-ready products and solutions.

Located at the John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC), the 5G innovation lab has a private 5G network to enable testing and development along with other infrastructure.

GE Healthcare said that the lab will offer expertise apart from serving as a platform for a collaborative ecosystem. It will cater to the healthcare industry, academia, and startups to facilitate exploration as well as validation and qualification of 5G-enabled precision healthcare use cases.

The lab will aim to expedite access to quality care by deploying 5G-enabled healthcare solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced visualisation, and augmented and virtual reality for streamlining image transfers, teleradiology, and others.

GE Healthcare imaging president and CEO Jan Makela said: “The healthcare industry, driven by value-based patient care, is at a turning point that will put a greater emphasis on connectivity and accessibility.

“As the world is transforming digitally, it’s important for us to ensure we don’t miss out on lifesaving, critical information. India is an important market for us globally and it is indeed the right time to venture into 5G, which will open a realm of exciting opportunities, driving the next wave of growth in Healthcare.”

The 5G innovation lab of GE Healthcare is expected to serve as a channel for interplaying exponential technologies such as AI/machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, Big Data, and cybersecurity.

GE Healthcare engineering vice president Girish Raghavan said: “At GE Healthcare, we are using our clinical expertise and know-how to deliver integrated, efficient, and highly personalised care and advance precision health.

“At our 5G Innovation Lab, our lead scientists and technologists will research and develop solutions for the most pressing healthcare issues, for India and the world. This lab will play a pivotal role in helping us build an ecosystem to explore 5G-enabled use cases and leapfrog into the next generation of MedTech.”

Earlier this year, GE Healthcare unveiled plans to introduce an AI-powered vendor-agnostic hosting and data aggregation platform called Edison Digital Health Platform.