Kona adds conversational AI capabilities to the digital banking technology provider

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Technisys adds conversational AI capabilities to its portfolio through the acquisition of Kona. (Credit: sujin soman from Pixabay)

Technisys, a digital banking technology company, has acquired Kona, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) powered innovator in the banking sector.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2015, Kona is said to provide innovative banking solutions to customers in Canada and across the Americas. The company’s offerings range from AI-powered chatbots to modern payment solutions.

Its products include Konecta, a plug and play enterprise round-the-clock customer support conversational AI platform, kbase, a conversational AI-powered knowledge management platform for employees, and Jarvis, an AI-powered platform for online reputation and profiling for customers.

The banking technology firm said that the acquisition of Kona expedites its plan to grow capabilities of its next-generation digital and core banking platform, besides further redefining the customer experience.

Technisys CEO and co-founder Mike Santos said: “This acquisition continues to solidify Technisys as a core and digital banking platform leader.

“With Kona’s conversational AI capabilities, Technisys will continue to empower financial institutions to deliver differentiation via tailored product offerings that address the unique needs of each and every customer, dynamically, in whatever channel the customer chooses.”

According to Technisys, the integration of Kona’s conversational AI with its platform will help customers to more easily engage with financial institutions.

Through its digital suite, Technisys helps customers of financial institutions with a personalised, proactive, and data-driven experience for boosting engagement, retention, and also loyalty.

With a footprint in 16 countries, Technisys offers the Cyberbank digital banking and core platforms to more than 50 customers.

Kona CEO Diego Cibils said: “We are excited to join Technisys in the mission to create exceptional customer experiences – supported by a proven digital and core banking platform – that will be offered to the broader banking industry.

“Together, we will continue to drive innovation and differentiation to the banking industry across North America and beyond.”