The acquisition enables the social media company to add Crayta that offers a simple interface to create games


Unit 2 Games has now become part of Facebook Gaming. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Social media company Facebook announced that it has acquired Unit 2 Games, the developer of game creation platform Crayta.

Launched last year, the collaborative platform provides users with a simple interface to create games.

Following the acquisition, Unit 2 Games has now become part of Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Gaming vice president Vivek Sharma said: “Unit 2 Games was formed with the vision of democratizing game creation, thanks to Crayta — a collaborative and accessible platform that they’ve built from the ground up.

“The team has also helped establish new gaming creators while building communities around their content. Facebook Gaming shares these goals, and today we’re honoured to welcome Unit 2 Games to the team.”

The acquisition is expected to enable Facebook to expand the types of gaming content creators to include people who collaboratively build, publish, share games, and new experiences on its platform.

Currently, Facebook Gaming has two types of creators that include video creators who livestream games and professional game developers who make games on its platform.

With the addition of Unit 2 Games’ team and technology, Facebook expects to make content creation easier for its users.

Crayta is said to have maximised current cloud-streaming technology to expand accessibility to game creation and make it easy to use.

Facebook intends to combine Crayta’s creation toolset into Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform to provide new experiences on its platform.

Sharma added: “In the future, people on Facebook will create experiences in a matter of minutes without the need to code, while more advanced creators can make content limited only by their imagination.

“And we’re building these experiences by investing in and growing diverse engineering and product teams distributed internationally across the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.”

In November last year, Facebook announced the acquisition of customer relationship management (CRM) start-up Kustomer.

Kustomer’s CRM platform is designed to combine customer conversations from various channels into a single-screen view.