The partnership will help industries transform operations and boost safety and security through their 5G solutions


Ericsson and Leonardo join forces to deliver 5G benefits to public safety and industrial sectors. (Credit: Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson)

Ericsson has joined forces with Leonardo, an Italian cyber and security solutions company, to bring 5G benefits to public safety, critical infrastructure, and industrial sectors.

As part of their partnership, the firms will explore and develop new 5G solutions and business models.

Ericsson south east Mediterranean head Emanuele Iannetti said: “We’re joining forces with Leonardo to gain a complementary view of market demands and business drivers, taking digitalisation to the next level.

“Through the collective experience we get through this partnership, we will be able to increase the impact of what we do for our customers.”

The collaboration, which can be expanded globally, aims to deploy solutions to help industries in transforming their operations, boost safety and security, and provide innovative products and services.

Ericsson and Leonardo have agreed to share their capabilities in research and development and expertise spanning cyber security, 5G networks, and also service evolution.

The duo also plans to address cyber security with threats becoming more complex, especially for strategic critical infrastructures.

Leonardo chief strategy and market intelligence officer Enrico Savio said: “The agreement brings together market leaders in 5G technology and cyber security to accelerate the delivery of more effective, secure and reliable communications.

“This will benefit communities, public and private organisations, making them feel safer and more secure, which is one of the objectives of our company’s strategic plan: Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030.”

The collaboration will also cater to communications service providers and other ecosystem partners in certain specific projects and opportunities.

Apart from that, the partners will enable integration and also interoperability with existing narrowband digital communications. This will be executed by using LTE and 5G technologies to provide fast and secure communications to firefighters, policemen, emergency medical service personnel, and other first responders.

Ericsson said that the jointly developed solutions can be integrated into Leonardo Command & Control propositions to provide public safety users with critical mobile broadband benefits for their daily operations.