The Neuro AI platform will help enterprises, from identifying company specific-use cases and operationalising AI, to data engineering and continuous enhancement


The Cognizant Neuro AI platform has been launched to help firms adopt generative AI. (Credit: Cognizant/Wikimedia Commons)

Cognizant has launched a new, enterprise-wide platform called Cognizant Neuro AI to offer organisations an extensive approach to expedite the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The new AI platform is expected to help enterprises utilise its business value in a flexible, secure, scalable, and responsible manner.

By utilising Cognizant’s advisory, consulting, ecosystem partnership, digital studios, solutioning, delivery capabilities, as well as industry expertise, Cognizant Neuro AI is expected to support customers in effortlessly shifting to the generative AI era.

According to the US-based technology company, it is one of the first companies to introduce an enterprise-wide generative AI platform developed to assist customers in better understanding, consuming, and customising AI models to bolster business outcomes.

The Cognizant Neuro AI platform will help enterprises on the journey to generative AI, from identifying company specific-use cases and operationalising AI, to data engineering and continuous enhancement.

It will allow AI and software engineering teams to design flexible, reusable, safe and secure solutions, said Cognizant.

Besides, the platform will help to develop conversational and generative user experiences by embedding AI models to create fully functioning apps which are supported across multi-platform, multi-cloud ecosystems.

Cognizant Neuro AI also has a library of reusable generative AI models and agents, development tooling, and control components such as application programming interface (API) and access management, versioning, and auditing.

The platform will allow enterprises to gain access to the full range of Cognizant’s tools and capabilities, facilitating human-AI collaboration on an enterprise-wide platform, said the company.

Cognizant core technologies and insights executive vice president Anna Elango said: “We believe enterprises need scalable, flexible, end-to-end tools to accelerate responsible AI adoption.

“By partnering human expertise, including Cognizant’s deep industry insights, with the power of generative AI, we aim to help our clients catalyse informed decisions and tackle complex business challenges to drive cost efficiencies, resilience and business revenue.”