The French firm will become an IBM Quantum Hub to offer clients access to IBM’s quantum computing systems and professional services


Capgemini launches a dedicated quantum lab. (Credit: Jakub Hałun/Wikimedia Commons)

Capgemini said that it has launched a dedicated quantum lab (Q-lab) with a team of experts from around the world to build capabilities and coordinate research facilities for advancing quantum technologies and exploring their potential.

Apart from its work to explore quantum communications and quantum sensing, the company’s initiative also features a partnership with IBM. The partnership is aimed at helping clients develop and make the most of their engagements in the areas of quantum computing.

Capgemini’s quantum lab includes highly-specialist facilities in the UK, India, and Portugal for exploiting the potential of quantum technologies.

The lab will organise research programmes for developing business-driven client propositions for sectors such as life sciences, automotive, financial services, and aerospace, that are highly likely to benefit in the medium future from quantum technologies.

Besides, the quantum lab will fuel early experiments with clients in their quantum journeys and fast track the development of in-house skills and capabilities, said the French IT services company.

Capgemini chief innovation officer and group executive committee member Pascal Brier said: “Quantum technology will disrupt the way we compute, sense, and communicate, and will create new industries and business models along the way.

“The launch of our Q-lab tangibly demonstrates our ambition to bring to our clients the most innovative, breakthrough solutions, and to invest in capabilities early on so we can become the leading quantum systems integrator.”

With IBM, the French firm has inked an agreement to become an IBM Quantum Hub, which enables it to offer clients access to the former’s quantum computing systems, which include the Eagle processor that was announced in November 2021.

Capgemini’s clients will also be able to gain access to IBM’s quantum expertise, and Qiskit, an open-source quantum information software development kit.

Through the agreement, Capgemini not only expects to make it easier for clients in accessing IBM’s licensed technology but also in giving them professional services for end-to-end implementation.

IBM fellow and quantum computing vice president Jay Gambetta said: “Establishing a quantum industry will require a deep focus on expanding the quantum computing ecosystem across public and private sectors – something IBM cannot do alone.

“By working with Capgemini, clients have even more options for hands-on expertise to develop proofs of concepts to explore the potential of quantum computing across a variety of industries and disciplines.”