BlueStacks X is said to provide free game streaming for mobile games across platforms and devices


BlueStacks is a mobile gaming platform provider. (Credit: SAIYED IRFAN A from Pixabay)

Mobile gaming platform provider BlueStacks has launched the beta version of BlueStacks X, a cloud-based game streaming service for mobile games.

The new service is available on Windows 10 and 11, Mac, Android, iOS, Chromebook and Raspberry Pi, said the US-based firm.

The new cloud gaming service is said to provide free game streaming for mobile games across platforms and devices.

BlueStacks X (beta), which is powered by hybrid cloud technology, was built by BlueStacks in collaboration with its sister company,

According to BlueStacks, hybrid cloud enables the cloud to remove parts of compute and graphics rendering to the endpoints. This approach brings down the cloud costs dramatically, while allowing users to avail a free service, said the company.

BlueStacks said that it can be achieved by using a native client as well as browsers capable of rendering native graphics. As per the company, this technology works transparently and does not involve any integration from game developers.

BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma said: “BlueStacks App Player recently crossed 1 Billion lifetime downloads. BlueStacks X is a natural next step for us. Hybrid cloud is a big technological breakthrough which makes it economically viable to launch the service.

“We are a trusted partner to top mobile game developers. There is a lot of excitement among them about BlueStacks X and some of the other innovations we have like deep Discord integration.”

The company said that BlueStacks X can be accessed using the mobile browser on Android, iOS, Windows 11, Mac, Chromebooks, and even certain smart TVs.

On the other hand, the BlueStacks X native client is available on Windows 11, Windows 10, and older versions of Windows. The cloud-based game streaming service can also be used by BlueStacks app player users.