Our best travel jobs are geared towards anyone with a flexible slant, and aims for lasting professional advancement.

The glamorous implications of a laptop lifestyle are taking the Internet by storm. However, they may not be suited for individuals with very distinct career goals.

Discover more of what we mean by exploring the positions below.

Best travel jobs for climbing the career ladder


Many global companies in various industry sectors fly in engineers from around the world for projects such as power plants. Energy and power companies in particular scour the job market for civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers for international ventures. Adaptability and quick thinking are valuable assets for this profession, as a nation’s political and social situation can impact an enterprise.


Countries or nation states appoint an individual as an ambassador for trade, consular services, and political negotiations. Their responsibilities depend heavily on foreign travel to accomplish government imperatives. Thus, being intuitive to cultural norms is essential. While there are mundane aspects to any job, diplomats have the opportunity to explore regions of the world that are only accessible by a select few.

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Travel Journalist

The job title succinctly expresses the parameters of this role. While the prospect of constant adventuring intrigues most would-be writers, the main goal of travel journalism is to cover breaking international news, and report on human interest stories. Although some publications advertise the dream of writing reviews on tropical get-aways, most major media companies need traveling journalists for to relay geopolitical events.

Tour Guide

Working for a tour operator provides a plethora of opportunities for professional travel. Excellent communication skills are imperative in articulating data and history in an engaging, and comprehensive manner. Employees will sometimes request knowledge of a second language. For many countries, tourism is a primary source of revenue. Thus, certified tour guides with encyclopaedic knowledge, strong leadership skills, and crisis management are in high demand.

Fund Manager

At the helm of executing smart investments and curating asset portfolios, fund managers are integral to responsible and lucrative financial strategies. These professions don’t cater to personal money management, but must collaborate with major companies, some of whom have resources around the world. Helping businesses allocate their funds requires research and analysis of market trends. However, travel is an integral requirement in properly liaising with a company’s wealth management objectives.

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