Conquer awkward silences at networking events by reading the best business magazines and swatting up on the latest industry chat.

We all envy those know-it-all colleagues who seem to have the inside scoop on business trends. Impress your boss with your commercial awareness after looking at these best business magazines.


This bi-weekly American publication will celebrate its 100th birthday in September this year. Headquartered in New Jersey, Forbes is famed for its richlists and innovative insights. Branded ‘The Capitalist Tool’, the magazine covers finance, industry, investing and marketing trends.Forbes best business magazineWith its digital arm attracting over 27 million unique visitors each month,  Forbes remains up there with the best business magazines.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Interestingly, Bloomberg Businessweek was first published weeks before the stock market crash of 1929. As a result, the magazine became famed for covering not only industry news, but also political issues that directly impact the business businessweek best business magazinesInitially aimed at business managers, Bloomberg Businessweek now targets consumers as well. With over 100,000 subscribers to the iPad edition of this magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek is one of the world’s leading authorities on business news.


This publication is perfect for the tech geeks among you. First published in 1993, the magazine covers all thing tech and how they impact culture, economics and politics. Famed for coining popular words including ‘crowdsourcing’, this best business magazine has always been ahead of the game.Wired best business magazinesOffering an entertaining approach to technology, Wired lacks technical detail but is an extremely popular source for general industry developments.


Focussing on small business entrepreneurs, this publication is known for giving valuable advice on starting and managing a successful company. Annually, the magazine publishes a reputed list of the top 500 franchise companies based on submissions and an intense review process.entrepreneur best business magazineFeaturing interviews with inspiring business owners, Entrepreneur provides essential tips for likeminded founders and entrepreneurs.

CEO Magazine

Coupling business trends with insight, CEO Magazine is the go-to publication for executives across a variety of industries. The magazine effectively provides a broad account of the business world today.CEO magazine best business magazineAiming to educate as well as motivate, the monthly business magazine features interviews with leading CEOs and opinion pieces by top journalists.