Which is the best activity tracker on the market?

For those interested in purchasing an activity tracker, the market is vast and confusing – here’s a closer look at three of the most recent and highly acclaimed products available.

Whether users are searching for the best activity tracker to accompany you on marathon training, or a gadget aimed at helping adopt a healthier lifestyle, it seems there’s a suitable match.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+


For those of you contemplating a Fitbit, but aren’t keen on the prospect of taking your phone along for a run, the Vivosmart HR+ is the choice for you.

Offering a week of battery life and water resistance to approximately 50m, the gadget won Best Fitness Tracker at the 2016 Warable Tech Awards.

Visually, this fitness tracker isn’t the choice for everyone. With a chunky band, critics agree that the Vivosmart HR+ is suitable for guys to wear daily, but may be a little large for female wrists.best activity tracker - Compelo

However, with the larger strap comes a surprisingly plentiful touch-screen, inclusive of all you need despite its low-res, monochrome format. Packed with features guaranteed to satisfy any buyer, tech experts at Wareable have dubbed this gadget ‘a Fitbit on steroids’.

Experts compliment the ease with which users can swipe between screens, labelling the design ‘intuitive’ and pioneering in providing solutions to issues in the wearable industry.

Fitbit Charge 2


Fitbit have released a sequel to the classic Alta and Blaze models, the Fitbit Charge 2. The line-up of innovative features it hosts had critics talking, but long-term verdicts have been mixed.

Priced between its two predecessors, this wearable gadget is neither a smartwatch nor a heavy duty fitness tracker – it seems to fall somewhere in the middle.best activity tracker - Compelo

With an aesthetically pleasing design and large screen, this fitness tracker has attracted major popularity. Users are particularly keen on the line-up of wellness enabling features including guided breathing.

The corresponding app is extremely user friendly with each day clearly laid out and an additional option to track weight loss plans. Accessing broader results is easy and the general opinion is that Fitbit’s app offers enough data without being overwhelming or confusing.

Despite criticism for its lack of GPS without smartphone assistance, the Fitbit Charge 2 continues to fly off the shelves. This fitness tracker is the perfect purchase for those invested in their general wellbeing as opposed to hardcore gym monkeys.

Misfit Ray


This tracker solves the problem faced by many users who enjoy wearing a watch as well as a fitness device.

The sleek design looks more like a bracelet than a tech piece and sits alongside round faced watches comfortably. For the ultra-fashion conscious, the Misfit Ray can even be worn as a necklace.best activity tracker - Compelo

Misfit trackers are renowned for accuracy and the Misfit Ray is no exception. The piece offers step and sleep tracking coupled with alerting users to messages or calls from a paired smartphone.

The Misfit Ray offers a no-frills, attractive looking option for those looking to spend a little less for a gadget to wear alongside watches or other pieces of jewellery.

Which one do you think is the best activity tracker on the market?