AT&T Government Trusted Internet is said to meet the requirements of federal agencies for extremely secure remote connectivity to support branches and remote users

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AT&T Cybersecurity launches the AT&T Government Trusted Internet solution. (Credit: Tehumanetwork/

AT&T Cybersecurity has rolled out a new managed cybersecurity solution called AT&T Government Trusted Internet for US federal agencies to help them modernise ad safeguard their IT infrastructure.

Designed to comply with the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) 3.0 cybersecurity guidance, the new managed solution combines software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technology, security capabilities, and fibre connectivity.

The 24/7 cybersecurity solution, which is scalable and brought through a single provider, is integrated with the AT&T Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service. This allows AT&T Government Trusted Internet to extend highly secure remote access to employees of federal agencies as well as branch offices, said AT&T.

AT&T Government Trusted Internet is said to meet the requirements of federal agencies for extremely secure remote connectivity that supports branches and remote users.

The solution enhances network performance while enabling users of government agencies the ability to directly connect to the internet for securely accessing cloud-based services.

Furthermore, AT&T Government Trusted Internet offers centralised network visibility across devices, users, and places to track users if they are on or off the network, thereby lowering security risks. These capabilities give the required flexibility and speed to federal agencies for modernising their technology infrastructure.

AT&T product marketing management AVP Brandon Pearce said: “The shift to telework and increased cyber threats have created urgency for federal agencies to enhance the security of their IT infrastructure.

“AT&T Government Trusted Internet helps federal employees to efficiently connect to remote agency networks and cloud environments in a highly secure manner while continually managing risks.”

The managed cybersecurity solution is claimed to assist federal agencies in tracking and reducing prevailing cybersecurity risks with threat analysis and correlation delivered via the AT&T Security Operations Center as well as the AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange global threat sharing community.

AT&T said that the new solution also has capabilities like Zero Trust Network Access to facilitate highly secure remote access to data, applications, and services based on clearly defined policies for access control.

AT&T Cybersecurity is a managed security services provider (MSSP). It was founded in 2007 as AlienVault, which was acquired by AT&T Communications in 2018 and renamed a year later.