AirTag is powered by the U1 chip which uses its Ultra Wideband technology to enable Precision Finding for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users


The Apple AirTag is IP67 water- and dust-resistant. (Credit: Apple Inc.)

Apple has expanded its Find My ecosystem by introducing AirTag, a small iPhone accessory to help keep track of and find important items with the Find My app.

The new smart tag can be attached to keys, handbag, backpack, or other items. It makes use of the global Find My network and can help find the location of the misplaced item, while ensuring that the location data remains private and anonymous through end-to-end encryption.

To be available from 30 April, AirTag can be bought in one and four packs for $29 and $99, respectively, said Apple.

Apple worldwide iPhone product marketing vice president Kaiann Drance said: “We’re excited to bring this incredible new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag, leveraging the vast Find My network, to help them keep track of and find the important items in their lives.

“With its design, unparalleled finding experience, and built-in privacy and security features, AirTag will provide customers with another way to leverage the power of the Apple ecosystem and enhance the versatility of iPhone.”

Small in size and lightweight, the new smart tag is IP67 water- and dust-resistant. It features a built-in speaker to play sounds to help locate it.

After an AirTag is set up, it is listed in the new Items tab in the Find My app. Users get to see the current or last known location of the tagged item on a map.

When a user loses the item and it is within Bluetooth range, it can be found by using the Find My app for playing a sound from the AirTag to help find it. Additionally, users can ask their virtual assistant Siri to locate the tagged item.

According to Apple, an AirTag is powered by the company-designed U1 chip, which uses its Ultra Wideband technology for enabling Precision Finding for users of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

The company said that the advanced technology can determine the distance and also direction to a misplaced AirTag more accurately when it is in range.

When a user moves, Precision Finding fuses input from the camera, ARKit, gyroscope, accelerometer, and will guide towards the AirTag through a combination of sound, haptics, and also visual feedback.

Earlier this month, Apple launched the Find My network accessory programme to enable third-party Bluetooth devices to be tracked through Apple devices with the help of the Find My app.