Google’s artificial intelligence software AlphaGo defeats the world’s best Go player in a stunning rematch. Could we potentially lose against smart machines?

Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo is experiencing yet another victory against its human competitors.

On the battleground of Go, a Chinese strategic board game, the AI trounced Ke Jie, the world’s leading player.

Or rather, Ke Jie is the world’s leading human player.

However, this victory feels like a reoccurring theme for the AI.

AlphaGo - Compelo

AlphaGo at it again

In March last year AlphaGo squared off with another renowned Go player, Lee Sedol, and won.

Yet, that accomplishment wasn’t enough for the program.

It further proved its board game brilliance by a streak of wins against other online Go players in January 2017.

As such, AlphaGo was the victor in 50 of those online games. Ke Jie was one of his defeated challengers.

Thus, this latest win must feel like a powerful case of déjà vu for both Jie, and humanity.

AlphaGo - Compelo
Human Go master Ki Jie. YouTube/DeepMind

The world is undoubtedly staying tuned for further developments. The AI will play other matches later this week in Wuzhen, located near Shangai.

Furthermore, the AI implemented its self-learning algorithms to beat its veteran opponent, proving it’s currently the most sophisticated of its kind.

However, the larger implications of this win could have a real and lasting impact on the evolution of smart machines.

AlphaGo’s current performance hints at the growing possibility of intelligent technology’s dominance over humankind.

Researchers are focusing on developing AI that can emulate human cognition. They predict that maybe even one day surpass it.

For enthusiasts of artificial intelligence, AlphaGo’s recent success is an impressive indication of smart machine potential.

Conversely, it could also serve as chilling news for anyone dreading a technology driven apocalypse.

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