The cloud partnership is expected to enable adidas to digitise core business processes across its value chain for enhanced customer experiences


Factory outlet of Adidas in Herzogenaurach, Germany. (Credit: Avda/Wikipedia)

Sports brand adidas has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to migrate its SAP workloads to the cloud and implement a modern SAP S/4HANA platform.

The cloud partnership is expected to enable adidas to digitise core business processes across its value chain to enhance consumer experiences.

It will also allow the company to support new business models such as direct-to-consumer.

Adidas technology enablement senior vice president Markus Rautert said: “We want to drive innovation across our business, which includes everything from how we design our products to how we engage with the consumers who buy them.

“By committing to cloud infrastructure, we have the scalability and elasticity we need to handle the seasonality of our business during peak demand, and support the projected growth in our e-commerce business in the years to come.”

By integrating adidas’ SAP S/4HANA environment with AWS technologies, the partnership is expected to enable advanced analytics capabilities, data science, and enterprise reporting for the sports company.

In addition, adidas will be able to gain visibility across its internal and consumer-facing operations, by creating a cloud-based data lake on AWS.

Adidas data scientists will also be able to predict seasonal demand for products, with the help of machine learning capabilities, such as Amazon SageMaker.

Rauter said: “Deploying SAP environments on AWS isn’t just about transforming our technology—it’s about transforming business opportunities and using AWS’s wide range of cloud capabilities to create efficiencies and bring us closer to consumers.”

With the partnership, adidas will be able to use high performance computing on AWS to run complex workloads simultaneously for design teams to modernise 3D design capabilities at scale.

To speed up the design and creation process, AWS will enable the sportswear company to create digital twins, virtual representation of its product lines.

With the integration of AWS technologies into the design process, the company’s designers will be also be able to quickly incorporate consumer feedback at the early stages of the creation process.