The multi-year collaboration between the parties will help more companies innovate and become quantum ready


IonQ plans to develop modular quantum computers in 2023. (Credit: IonQ, Inc.)

Accenture has partnered with US-based quantum computing devices developer IonQ to expedite quantum computing into the enterprise for transforming their businesses and industries.

The multi-year collaboration is aimed at helping enterprises in exploring how quantum computing solutions will transform their businesses and industries. It will also help more companies innovate and become quantum ready.

Clients will get an opportunity from the partners to experiment with quantum solutions that are built for solving mission-critical business problems.

Accenture senior managing director and technology innovation lead Marc Carrel-Billiard said: “Whether in life sciences, energy distribution and storage, or logistics, quantum computing offers new and compelling ways to solve key business problems and generate new insights.

“IonQ’s systems can play a critical role in support of a company’s quantum journey, and we want to help our clients experiment with quantum and understand how it could potentially impact their business, as well as their broader industry.”

The 11-qubit system of IonQ is claimed to be the only quantum computer that can be accessed through the cloud on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Amazon Braket, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. The company also has a 32-qubit quantum computer.

It intends to develop modular quantum computers in 2023. These will be small enough to be networked together to make it easier for broad quantum advantage by 2025.

IonQ CEO and chairman Peter Chapman said: “The quantum computing revolution will reshape industries from top to bottom, and it’s imperative that businesses prepare for it now.

“Accenture has a proven track record of implementing next-generation technologies and is deeply committed to delivering on the promise of quantum. We could not ask for a better partner to help us accelerate a quantum future that will change the world.”

Recently, IonQ entered into a partnership with the University of Maryland to create the National Quantum Lab at Maryland. The quantum lab is expected to be the first user facility in the US that will let the scientific community pursue research by accessing a commercial-grade quantum computer.