The Kardashian clan (klan?) might be doing something right, but a new study has revealed that only child syndrome actually makes people more successful.

People with lots of siblings are actually worse off.

Only child syndrome often labels people without siblings as being ruled as spoilt, selfish and unable to work with others. A new study, which took place in China, where for 30 years the “one-child policy” was in effect, shows that a lot of these assumptions about only children are actually true.

Only children scored higher in flexibility, which is a distinct marker of creativity. This means that they find is easier to think outside the box, and think of novel ways of completing tasks. This is a vital characteristic for successful business leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs.

The study also found that only children are higher achievers. They also have better relationships with their parents. Children with siblings are more likely to have behavioural problems which will stay with them into adulthood.

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What are the downsides of only child syndrome?

Only children scored a lot less than participants with siblings in the personality trait known as “agreeableness”. This is a measure of empathy, sociability and connection to others.

However, there are no difference in intelligence levels between the two groups. There was also no score difference in openness, conscientiousness, extraversion of neuroticism.

The researchers said, “Only-children receive too much attention and excessive praise from their parents and grandparents, which may cause undesirable personality traits in the children, such as dependency, selfishness and social ineptitude. Additionally, due to the absence of siblings, only-children usually miss out on important opportunities to rehearse some of the more complicated aspects of relationships within a safe environment.”

The study did reveal something very interesting indeed…

Don’t believe the findings? Well the study has real proof. These differences can actually be seen in the brain. It is difficult to correlate neurology with one’s personality, but the study does show that our environment changes so much of us – even our brain cells.

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