We’re often more stressed when we return from holiday than we were before we left. However, a lifestyle resort will allow you to rest, relax and return home happy.

Holidays are viewed as the perfect way to rest and relax. A break from the office, spent sitting on a beach with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. Yet, despite out idyllic pre-holiday visions, our getaways rarely turn out to be what we imagined.

In fact, a study by the Institute of Leadership and Management found that 40% of office workers feel no different to before they left. 90% worry about work-related problems while away and 80% respond to emails.

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Then throw in the busy airports, delayed flights and time spent packing. For many, being away causes more stress than being at work.

If you truly want to unwind, it’s important that you plan your trip wisely. A two day city break won’t give you the time that you need to truly relax, given that it takes approximately two days to settle while on holiday. Likewise, the hustle and bustle of a city won’t allow you to completely switch off.

What you need is a lifestyle resort, where everything that you do is based around relaxation.

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Countries to consider if you’re looking for a lifestyle resort

A lifestyle resort is somewhere where wellbeing is a way of life. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will leave you feeling full, but healthy, and meditation and yoga fills the gaps between meals.

There are lifestyle resorts around the world, but some countries simply do relaxation better than others. If you’re looking for a place to stay that will allow you to return to work with a calm, refreshed and positive attitude, consider these destinations:


The home of spirituality, it’s hard to find somewhere more relaxing than one of India’s many yoga retreats. Known as Ashrams, these resorts allow visitors to learn and practice yoga, meditation and self-healing, with stress reduction and increased wellbeing the aim.

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United States

If you would prefer to visit somewhere a little more like home, the US could be your ideal destination. Vast areas of baron land and sprawling forests surround the States’ many cities, providing the perfect place to retreat from urban life at one of many wellbeing resorts.


If you need somewhere quick, cheap or convenient, Spain is a good bet. The country is one of the leading destinations for wellbeing holidays in Europe. The country specialises in detox retreats, which are scattered along the coast, offering visitors the opportunity to cleanse their body and mind.

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