The pharma company will make use of Augmented Analyst for transforming data into high-quality narratives and regulatory submission reports


Corporate centre of Lilly in Indianapolis. (Credit: Momoneymoproblemz/Wikimedia Commons)

Yseop has entered into a collaboration with US-based pharma major Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) to deploy its enterprise automation platform called Augmented Analyst platform to accelerate bringing the latter’s drugs to patients.

According to the artificial intelligence (AI) company, Lilly will make use of Augmented Analyst for transforming data into high-quality narratives and regulatory submission reports, at scale and free from errors.

Augmented Analyst is designed to analyse enterprise data and provide insight and document automation.

It is said to automate the writing of reports, converting data into accurate and actionable language, and make specialist medical reports faster to create.

Yseop and Lilly agreed to further develop the enterprise automation platform to speed up the drug approval process to help the pharma major achieve time and cost efficiencies.

The collaboration between the parties includes a long-term commercial and investment agreement.

Lilly senior vice president and chief information and digital officer Diogo Rau said: “Machine learning is a part of every aspect of Lilly’s future, from drug discovery to clinical trials to manufacturing to patient support.

“Yseop brings a novel approach to regulatory submissions and other reporting, and we see opportunities to bring Yseop’s technology to teams throughout the enterprise.”

The Augmented Analyst platform leverages natural language generation (NLG) for supplementing human analysis with automated insights.

Yseop claimed that its AI automation technology helps teams in reducing the time spent on specialist medical reports for guaranteed consistency and accuracy at all times.

Yseop CEO Emmanuel Walckenaer said: “We are thrilled to have Lilly’s confidence and endorsement. This agreement recognizes the quality of our product and the proven success of both teams working collaboratively to deploy this technology.

“It’s an honour to have Lilly on our side to take our Augmented Analyst platform to the next level in life sciences, which ultimately benefits the entire life science community.”