Unable to function without a fix of your favourite coffee? You better make sure that you pick the right airline, or face a lengthy journey filled with a flight coffee that you don’t enjoy.

Flights are often the perfect opportunity to rest and relax. However, for busy business types, that isn’t always the case.

Sometimes there’s a piece that needs writing, a presentation that needs crafting, or figures that need checking. A long-haul flight provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on unfinished business, free from the distractions of clients and colleagues.

However, a busy life is unsustainable without the fuel to keep it going. For most, that is a frequent fix of caffeine in the form of a mind-and-body-warming coffee.

We all have our preferences. For some it’s a frappé from Starbucks, for others it’s a mocha from Costa. However, you often have to leave choice on the ground when you take to the skies.

Thankfully, coffee experts Dripped Coffee have put together this extensive list of airlines and the dark brews that they serve up on their flights, so you can base your travel decisions on your coffee preferences:

In-flight coffee and the airlines that serve them

Flight coffee - Compelo

The average America consumes 1.64 cups of coffee each day. That equates to more than 500 million cups, much of which is purchased via chain stores such as Starbucks, Costa and Tim Hortons. However, Italian coffee company illy leads the way in the air, selling more than 72 million cups each year on United Airlines flights.

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There are a variety of brands serving flights across Europe, from market heavyweights Kenco on Flybe flights, to sustainable farming pioneers UTZ Certified on the Netherlands’ KLM flights. However, like in North America, illy leads the way. They serve the UK’s most popular airline Easyjet, as well as Air France and Vueling in Spain.

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illy’s dominance spread as far as Asia, with the brand serving Cathay Pacific, All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines. The Asian air travel market is dominated by big brands, with Nespresso and Nescafé also taking their share of customers.

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Given that Emirates franchises the company in the United Arab Emirates, Costa Coffee is served on all of the Middle East’s market leader’s flights. Big brands lead the way in the Middle Eastern market. Nespresso, Nescafé and Starbucks are also taking a share of the market. However, Turkish Airlines have steered clear of a big-name server. Instead, they sell their own brand of traditional Turkish coffee.

Flight coffee - Compelo

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