The digitally-focused company has been established to further develop Maersk Drilling’s RigFlow solution for offshore drilling processes


The RigFlow solution will be the first offering from Horizon56. (Credit: Maersk Drilling)

Maersk Drilling has launched a new company, dubbed Horizon56, to develop new solutions and services for the digitalisation of offshore drilling processes.

The new company has been established following two years of efforts to develop a digitalisation product for oil and gas companies.

To further develop and commercialise the solution, known as RigFlow, Maersk Drilling has founded the digitally-focused company Horizon56.

RigFlow is designed to support the digitalisation of core workflows, including the information and data flow between the operator’s well plan and the offshore rig operations.

It consists of a user-friendly solution to deliver digitalised drilling instructions and automated reporting of data and insights for quick analysis of drilling operations.

The RigFlow solution will be the first offering from Horizon56, a fully-owned Maersk Drilling subsidiary, which will have offices and employees located in Copenhagen, Stavanger and Aberdeen.

Horizon56 managing director Esben Thorup said: “From our dialogues with global oil and gas operators we see that the timing for the RigFlow offering fits well with market trends, and we expect global demand to build over the years to come.”

From early ideation and validation in 2019, Maersk Drilling’s Innovation team has been involved in the scoping and development of RigFlow, which was originally called Drilling Process Platform (DPP).

Currently deployed across several Maersk Drilling rigs, the solution has been designed and tested, after carrying out extensive operational and market research.

Scoping and development for the solution were undertaken in collaboration with Aker BP and Equinor, the digital majors in the oil and gas sector, Maersk Drilling said.

Horizon56 will continue to offer RigFlow services to Maersk Drilling to support the delivery of digitalised drilling operations to the customers of the drilling-rig operator.

Maersk Drilling chief innovation officer Marika Reis said: “This is a natural step for the RigFlow solution and team.

“Horizon56 will become the first digital company that solely focuses on creating an industry-leading solution for offshore, and by doing so we ensure that it has the necessary agility to operate and quickly adapt to market trends, as well as enabling the team to independently engage with the market in the pursuit of customers, partnerships, and investors.”