The new solutions are expected to focus on increasing efficiency and performance along with the reduction of emissions to help power the long-term sustainability of customer operations

Baker Hughes - Facility

Baker Hughes unveils new digital solutions dubbed Leucipa and Cordant. (Credit: Baker Hughes Company)

Energy technology company Baker Hughes has announced the launch of new digital solutions focussed on advancing more smarter and energy-efficient operations.

The new solutions, dubbed Leucipa and Cordant, are said to expand the company’s digital ecosystem.

According to Baker Hughes, the solutions have been designed after detailed research carried out with oil and gas, heavy industry, and broader industrial partners and customers.

Both solutions are centred on increasing efficiency and performance along with the reduction of emissions in order to help power the long-term sustainability of customer operations.

Leucipa is an automated field production software solution, which is both public and private cloud-based. Its objective is to support oil and gas firms in proactively handling production and lowering carbon emissions.

Through the automation of production processes, the cloud-based solution is expected to cut off inefficiency and enable more environmental-friendly operations.

Besides, it is expected to let customers help recover the millions of barrels that would have otherwise stayed in the ground.

Cordant is an integrated suite of solutions that facilitates process optimisation and industrial asset performance management.

It integrates the company’s existing digital offerings for hardware, software and services capabilities into one unified and streamlined user interface.

By leveraging Baker Hughes’ core competencies in engineering, advanced services, and domain expertise, the Leucipa and Cordant solutions provide customers with a tailored experience through actionable insights generated by artificial intelligence (AI) engines.

Furthermore, Baker Hughes has announced a partnership with Corva, a cloud-based well construction digital solutions provider.

Baker Hughes chairman and CEO Lorenzo Simonelli said: “Digital is redefining the limits of how the energy and industrial sectors can increase efficiency, operate predictably and ensure lower emissions in a sustainable manner.

“We have long recognised digital is a critical capability in taking energy forward and leading in the energy transition, and we are continuing to invest and innovate for our customers.

“Our latest solutions are a testament not only to the power of digital enablement but also to our ongoing commitment to driving more efficient, informed and sustainable operations for our customers and ourselves.”