The immediate focus of the three firms will be to deliver solutions to help businesses transform their operations, services, products, and value chains


Accenture, Microsoft, and Avanade join forces to co-develop innovative solutions to address climate change. (Credit: Anja/Pixabay)

Accenture, Microsoft, and their joint venture Avanade, are coming together with an aim to address climate change by jointly developing innovative solutions to help organisations handle their sustainability challenges.

The immediate focus of the trio will be to deliver solutions to help businesses transform their operations, services, products, and value chains.

The solutions will be designed to help expedite the journey to net zero.

In the future, Accenture, Microsoft, and Avanade plan to extend their focus to the wider environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges.

At the onset, their solutions will be architected and designed to emit less carbon over their life cycle.

The partners will also offer advisory services to assist businesses in lowering carbon emissions, accelerating the shift to new energy sources, and shrinking or even removing waste of finite resources like food, water, and raw materials.

Their partnership will aim to address horizontal as well as industry-specific sustainability challenges to help bring in an impact and provide new value. For this, the trio will combine Accenture Sustainability Services, Avanade’s human-centred digital experience, the Microsoft Cloud, and their data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Accenture chair and CEO Julie Sweet said: “Our partnership with Microsoft and Avanade will help organisations find new value at the intersection of technology and sustainability – from embracing green software development principles and sustainable cloud migrations, to digital twin technology adoption – to drive stronger performance and competitiveness, and make progress on their decarbonization goals and their journey to net zero.”

Accenture, Microsoft, and Avanade will work together to extend existing capabilities and build new joint offerings across four areas. These include digital manufacturing transition, low carbon energy transition, sustainable IT with Microsoft Azure and green software engineering, and ESG measurement, analytics and performance with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

Microsoft executive vice president and chief commercial officer Judson Althoff said: “Operating sustainably has become a source of competitive advantage, enabling organizations to increase efficiency, accelerate growth, and lead with purpose.

“By combining our expertise with Accenture and Avanade, we have an opportunity and responsibility to deliver innovative solutions that will empower organisations to achieve their sustainability goals and drive lasting environmental change.”