With the investment, Virtonomy expects to expand its capabilities to MedTech companies around the world and drive the future of medical device design


Accenture invests in Virtonomy to help firms use digital twin technology to bring medical devices to market more quickly. (Credit: vipra gen from Pixabay)

Accenture has announced an investment in Germany-based data-driven simulations provider Virtonomy through its Accenture Ventures unit in an effort to help firms use digital twin technology to bring medical devices to market more quickly.

With the investment, Virtonomy is expected to expand its capabilities to medical technology (MedTech) companies globally and drive the future of medical device design.

The German firm’s data-driven simulations use existing patient data and digital twin technology.

Medical device manufacturers can use Virtonomy’s digital twin simulation solution to develop model patient virtual environments to test their devices in a cost-effective manner, said Accenture.

The simulation solution has been developed on a database of real clinical data to reflect demographic diversity, anatomical variability, and pathological conditions.

Accenture Ventures managing director Tom Lounibos said: “Digital twin technology, alongside data, analytics and AI, is opening the door to endless new possibilities to reinvent the life sciences industry.

“But there must always be a strong data foundation to build accurate digital twin simulations.

“We will work with Virtonomy to set a strategy for real-time data collection that includes high-quality historic data, as well as continuous data monitoring and validation from new sources.”

The investment in Virtonomy is part of Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, which is an engagement and investment programme.

Based in Munich, Virtonomy has an interdisciplinary team of experts in image and data processing, medical engineering, visualisation, and clinical practice.

Virtonomy co-founder and CEO Simon Sonntag said: “The medical device industry is facing increasing complexity in development processes, impacting risk, cost, and time-to-market for critical medical devices.

“Digital twin technology can help address these challenges and tapping into Accenture’s expertise in data strategy and management will help Virtonomy expand our existing database of clinical data, with essential data and actionable insights that can streamline the medical device manufacturing process.”

In February 2023, Accenture invested in intelligent transcriptome firm Ocean Genomics to expedite artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery.