Even if you’re a global jet-setter lacking the time to visit art galleries, don’t panic.

There’s a select kind of hotel that might be perfect for you. For as long as there’s been art and hotels, owners have sought to combine the two. Art hotels have sprung up around the world. We’ve spent the morning looking for the best of the best and here they are.

The best art hotels in the world:

1. Mona Pavilions, Australia

Tied to the Museum of Old and New Art, these artistic pods have opened as places to stay. Some of the best architects and designers in Australia were brought in to make this hotel a reality. Each suite is designed by an individual artist so every single one is different! You’ll have to visit multiple times if you want to see it all! Rooms cost between $700AU and $1,100AU per night.


2. La Fonda On The Plaza, Santa Fe, USA

La Fonda is known around the world for its art collection. Art was part of the hotel’s ethos from its inception and subsequent owners and managers have added to it. Blending both traditional Native American art and art created by famed local artists, this art hotel really embodies the location it is in. Rooms cost between $179 and $429 per night.

3. Gladstone Hotel, Canada

More than just a hotel, the Gladstone is also basically a living art exhibition. It’s 37 rooms were each designed by an individual artist, so there’s something very different in every single one. There are also three gallery spaces within the hotel which play host to over 70 exhibitions every year. Rooms cost between $249CA and $475CA per night.

4. Atelier Sul Mare, Italy

Definitely one of the most eclectic hotels on this list. Like a few of the others, every room has a personal design by a chosen artist. However, this time, that extends to everything. The size and shape of each room is different, as is the theme, the furniture, and everything else. Most of the rooms look out onto the blue Mediterranean sea so no matter how odd or haunting your room is, at least you can look out on that! You’ll probably never find a hotel quite as unique as this one. Art rooms cost between €70 and €135.

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5. Art Deco Imperial Hotel, Prague

If the rest of the places on this list have been modern, this one is very traditional art. As you’d expect, it’s as Art Deco as you might expect, with a rich and storied history which dates all the way back to the 14th Century. Glamorous, lavish, and luxurious, if you want a fancy stay, look no further. Rooms cost between €111 and €547 per night.

6. 21C Museum Hotels, USA

Okay, these are sort of difficult to discuss because they have 7 locations across the USA, with an 8th opening soon. These are all hotels inside contemporary art museums and they look seriously awesome. They’re famed for the statues of colourful penguins which decorate each hotel. Rooms cost a range of price depending on which location you visit.