Wearable Tech has been a buzz phrase for a few years now. It may seem that the wearable devices trend came and went; that fitness tracker you wore once is probably proof of that…

We’re all still waiting to be flying to work on a hoverboard, let’s be honest. Whilst wearable devices may not transform your commute, it is about to change the way you work.

Here are 3 wearable devices we predict will change the way you work forever.

1. Virtual Meetings

Quite clearly, 2016 was the year of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (hello Pokémon Go). Gaming devices were huge, but 2017 will be the year when this technology breaks into the workplace. Over in the US, Events DC are using Samsung Gear VR headsets to show immersive sales videos to prospective new clients. Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have all been investing billions into this emerging market, so expect some exciting new launches later on in the year. Eye tracking is another huge step into this realm, as it will mean that avatars will be even more realistic. Will virtual business meetings replace conference calls? Will business travel become a thing of the past? Watch this space!

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2. Boosted productivity

Wearable devices quickly sprung up in the health and fitness space, but what about a device that beats stress and boosts positivity? A neuropsychologist has created a stress-busting device called the Touch Point Solution, or ‘Buzzies’. It uses technology to detect your body’s stress levels, and within 30 seconds, it aims to calm you down. Beating stress is the route to better productivity. Featuring in the infamous Oscars goodie bag, we are expecting big things from this brand. Who knows, maybe this will transform your working life?

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Image Credit: Buzzies

3. Do More Business. Better.

This absolutely revolutionary device could be the thing that takes your company global. New markets, new customers, new clients – they are all at your fingertips thanks to this device. The Clik earbud from UK startup Mymanu translates 37 difference languages in real time. Yes, really! For only £155, the device uses a built-in microphone and a microprocessor. Pretty incredible right?

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Image Credit: Clik

What does an expert think?

Liza Kindred, Founder of fashion tech think tank Third Wave Fashion, told Compelo that the “novelty” phase of wearable tech is officially over. However there are still challenges to overcome. Liza said: “In order for wearable technology to become truly wearable, the technology must disappear. We see this happening already: The EnChroma color blindness correcting glasses, the Ringly notifications wearable, and the Silic self-cleaning shirt all look, on the surface, like everyday objects. The market for people who want to look like robots is incredibly small; it’s part of why the adoption of Google Glass was never able to reach critical mass. The market for people and businesses who want their everyday objects to have added functionality, however, is enormous.”

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