Thunder’s technology to be integrated into Walmart’s display self-serve platform to help brands in automating ads


Walmart acquires IP and technology of Thunder. (Credit: Walmart Corporate from Bentonville, USA)

US retailer Walmart has acquired the IP and technology behind creative automation ad-tech company Thunder for an undisclosed price.

The acquisition is said to complement Walmart Connect (formerly Walmart Media Group), the retailer’s advertising platform in the US.

Walmart expects to roll out a self-serve platform later this year for Walmart Connect. The platform is expected to help its partners in activating and handling their display campaigns by using automation.

According to the retailer, the self-serve platform will deliver the same omnichannel effect, however with more speed, control, and ease than before to make more suppliers to use Walmart Connect.

The retailer plans to build the new platform to scale for Marketplace sellers and suppliers irrespective of their size.

Walmart expects the technology and team of Thunder to help in its efforts by decreasing the time taken between creating a concept for an ad and the ad going live for suppliers.

Thunder’s technology will be integrated by the retailer into its display self-serve platform to enable brands in automating their ads.

Besides, Thunder will boost the effectiveness of ads over time with creative versioning, testing, and streamlining, claimed the retailer.

Furthermore, the US retailer stated that the technology will unlock insights that are specific to advertisers to deliver a higher return on the money spent on making ads.

Walmart chief customer officer Janey Whiteside, in a blog, revealed that the company has been working since the last two years to enable advertisers run their campaigns more efficiently by leveraging its self-serve and automation capabilities.

Whiteside wrote: “With the launch of Walmart Advertising Partners Program, Self-Serve Sponsored Product Interface and our Performance Reporting Dashboards, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made on this journey. Today is another big step forward, and we’re thrilled to have the talented team at Thunder join Walmart.”