Having splashed out on football clubs and super yachts, the staggering Sheikh Mansour net worth will hardly come as a surprise.

Life as a Sheikh must be nice. Born into a family with a combined wealth of more than $1 trillion, Sheikh Mansour (otherwise known as Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan) has enough money to do whatever he pleases.

He wasted little time in doing just that. His portfolio of assets includes one of the world’s biggest football clubs, a space tourism company, the world’s 7th largest yacht and a sprawling 20,000 acre Spanish estate.

Although, life as an oil-rich prince isn’t all beach holidays and luxury cars. Sheikh Mansour serves as UAE’s deputy prime minister, as well as the chairman of the Emirates Investment Authority.

While UAE is in a strong position as a result of its vast oil reserves, Sheikh Mansour’s job is to plan for when the oil runs dry.  As a result, the royal has spent the last decade investing in various different industries around the world, in order to guarantee his country a stable future after oil.

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Sheikh Mansour’s 3 most valuable assets

The Sheikh has invested in a number of companies over the years. Some of the most notable include his $5 billion investment in multinational bank Barclays (later sold for more than $1.5 billion profit) and his 32% stake in Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which hopes to become the first company to send tourists into space.

However, these are Sheikh Mansour’s current three most valuable assets:

Manchester City football club

Sheikh Mansour is the current owner of Premier League football club Manchester City. Since purchasing the club for £265 million in 2009, he has transformed them into a football powerhouse. Manchester City is now valued at approximately $1.92 billion as a result of his investment.

Sheikh Mansour net worth - Compelo
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Daimler AG

The royal owns a 9.1% stake in Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler AG through his investment firm Aabar Investments, making him the company’s biggest shareholder. The deal set him back by $2.7 billion, with the Sheikh hopeful that he can increase his stake to 15%.


Aabar Investments also owns a 4.99% stake in Italian bank Unicredit, having completed a $2.3 billion deal in 2010. Sheikh Mansour has completed costlier deals in the past, but his stake in Unicredit is currently his biggest investment.

What is the Sheikh Mansour net worth?

Sheikh Mansour net worth - Compelo
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Estimations of the Sheikh Mansour net worth vary greatly. This is largely due to the fact that much of his wealth comes in the form of stock.

Yet, it is widely believed that he is the richest club owner in the Premier League and one of the richest men in the sport, with a total wealth of $30.4 billion.

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