The acquisition of Alcide will enable the US firm to expand and bolster its cloud security offering

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Israeli Kubernetes security start-up Alcide acquired by Rapid7. (Credit: Nappiness from Pixabay)

Rapid7, a security analytics and automation provider, has acquired Alcide.IO (Alcide), an Israel-based Kubernetes security provider, for about $50m.

Established in 2016, Alcide offers a single Kubernetes-native security platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI) for cross Kubernetes aspects that include configuration risks, run-time security events, and visibility across clusters.

The Israeli company has been backed by investors such as Intel Capital, Elron, CE Ventures.

Alcide CEO Amir Ofek said: “We are excited to join Rapid7 not only because of our shared commitment to providing customers with innovative and accessible cloud security solutions, but this also gives us an opportunity to bring our market-leading Kubernetes security platform to a broader set of customers.”

The Israeli firm’s technology is designed to connect security and DevOps with code-to-production security for deployments of Kubernetes. Its cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) offers real-time visibility and governance, network monitoring, and container runtime.

Besides, Alcide’s CWPP gives the ability to detect, audit, and investigate security threats that can be known or unknown.

On the other hand, Rapid7 offers a security operations platform with a set of capabilities across security information and event management (SIEM) based incident detection and response, management of vulnerabilities, application security and security orchestration, automation and response.

Through the acquisition of Alcide, the US firm will expand and bolster its cloud security offering.

The transaction will bring together Alcide’s CWPP capabilities with Rapid7’s cloud security posture management (CSPM) and infrastructure entitlements (CIEM) capabilities.

The combination is expected to offer a more holistic, unified experience for customers in handling the challenges of cloud-native application security.

Rapid7 cloud security senior vice president Brian Johnson said: “Kubernetes is quickly becoming the preferred platform for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications.

“In order to take full advantage of the speed and innovation Kubernetes can unlock for an organisation, security needs to be tightly integrated without getting in the way.

“With Alcide, we can enable organizations to continuously secure and protect their growing Kubernetes deployments while giving developers the freedom to rapidly develop and deliver applications.”

The acquisition of Alcide follows Rapid7’s purchase in April 2020 of DivvyCloud, a cloud security posture management (CSPM) platform.