The Pepsi net worth represents a beverage brand that is an influencer, controversial, globally recognised, and not going anywhere anytime soon.

While we all know that water quenches our thirst, there’s something about a drink that’s sweet and carbonated.

No, its saccharine bubbles aren’t healthy.

And no, they contain no nutritional value whatsoever.

In fact, health experts continually warn us of the dangers of sweetened carbonated beverages.

However, gulping down a Pepsi on a hot day is a moment in time that many of us have had.

Pepsi net worth

Pepsi net worth shows a global brand with local experience

Pepsi is far more than just a drink.

As such, it’s a global company that people around the world recognise.

While many of us refer to it as simply, Pepsi, its official brand name is PepsiCo.

In fact, the aforementioned drink is one of many that the global firm creates. Thus, its portfolio also includes Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, SoBe, AMP Energy, IZZE, Naked Juice, Propel, Mug, and Aquafina.

Additionally, PepsiCo manufactures and distributes food items.

These items include Quaker Foods, Cheetos, Mirinda, Ruffles, Lays, Ruffles, Doritos, and more.

Yet, with such a global presence, PepsiCo achieves a local and intimate connection with its wider audience. It does so by delivering experiences that people from all walks of life have in common.

Thus, quenching thirst and grabbing a tasty snack are universal behaviours that anyone from anywhere can connect about.

Furthermore, its CEO Indra Nooyi also delivers this same degree of intimacy with staff.

Pepsi net worth
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When she became chief executive officer in 2006, she began a trend that sets her apart from other leaders.

She writes over 400 letters a year to the parents of senior executives.

Nooyi undertakes this unique tasks as she believes that guardians and parents are a fundamental influence in their children’s success.

Therefore, with leadership like this, the Pepsi net worth stands at a whopping $18.2bn (£14.16).

What else would you expect from the second largest drink and food company in the world?

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