With a steadily rising stock price, the luxury car manufacturer is showing no signs of slowing down. The Ferrari net worth reflects the company’s status as one of the world’s most powerful brands.

Ferrari offers its customers the ability to build their own car. Clients can pick the vehicle’s colour scheme, materials, trims and fittings. There are options to alter the seats, doors, dashboard and wing mirrors.

However, a tailor made supercar comes with a hefty price tag. The cheapest model will set you back by $180,000. Having sold 8,014 cars in 2016, it’s hardly surprising that the Ferrari net worth continues to rise.

Ferrari net worth - Compelo

Ferrari net worth: How an uneducated Italian boy built the world’s most powerful car brand

Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 in Northern Italy. The youngster planned to join his father’s metal company. However, he developed a love for cars after watching the 1908 Circuit di Bologna and was determined to become a racer himself.

After dancing with death during the First World War and surviving the 1918 Italian flu epidemic, Ferrari got a job as a driver with Alfa-Romeo. Ferrari went on to win a number of popular races, which made his name well known among fans of the sport.

Ferrari net worth - Compelo
Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari eventually quit Alfa-Romeo, as well as the sport, and set about building his own company.

The first official Ferrari vehicle was the 125 S. Only two of the cars were made, but they proved to be very successful on the racing circuit. As a result, Ferrari pushed on with their attempts to dominate the race car industry.

The Ferrari 166 Inter was the brand’s first consumer vehicle and they haven’t looked back since.

Ferrari net worth - Compelo

The Ferrari family have since sold a 90% stake to Fiat. The Italian car-maker split the two companies up and went public in 2015. Ferrari listed on the stock exchange with an IPO of $9.8 billion.

However, with people getting richer and the number of millionaires rapidly climbing, so too has Ferrari’s stock price.

As a result, Ferrari’s market cap has since doubled to $22.17 billion.

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