Being an influential leader who delivers results is no easy task. How can you inspire your team to work harder, better and faster? These leadership TED Talks have the answers, and are an absolute must-watch for anyone who is a boss.

If you want to know how your posture can make you more successful, or how sleep could be the answer to better decision-making, read on to discover the best leadership TED Talks.

1. Your body language shapes who you are

‘Power posing’ became a total business buzz word after psychologist Amy Cuddy presented her TED Talk. Standing confidently, even when you are feeling anything but, is a great leadership tactic every boss needs to know about. It alters the testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain which impact our chances of being successful.

2. How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek, who has been going viral on social media recently for his comments on Millennials, presents a simple but powerful TED Talk on leadership. Leaders can inspire action from starting with the ‘golden circle’ and questioning ‘why?’. Citing Martin Luther King as a great example of this, Sinek’s talk is pretty inspirational for any leader!

3. Everyday leadership

If you are looking for a blend of entertainment and valuable information, this is the leadership TED Talk for you. Dudley Drew gives a hilarious talk on how we have all changed someone’s life and how it’s the little things that define leaders in big and important ways.

4. What it takes to be a great leader

This is one of the most insightful leadership TED talks of all time. Roselinde Torres describes how over 25 years she has carefully observed great leaders at work. She has then distilled her insights down into three simple questions company executives should ask if they want to really thrive. One talk not to be missed!

5. How to succeed? Get more sleep

Arianna Huffington is one very influential businesswoman, so her TED Talk is pretty vital for leaders to watch. Discussing the power of sleep and how business professionals don’t get enough is the main topic she discusses. Can getting more sleep make us more successful? And better decision-makers?