There’s money in eating elephant dung and wearing seal carcasses, it seems. What he does might not be pretty, but the Bear Grylls net worth suggests that it’s certainly worthwhile.

Drinking blood and urine, eating dung and eyeballs and sleeping inside animal carcasses in the most hostile of environments sounds like hell on earth to most. Yet, that’s a normal day in the life of Bear Grylls.

Born Edward Grylls, the television presenter has made a living doing things that nobody else dares (or wants) to do. He sleeps alongside some of the world’s most dangerous predators and occasionally captures, kills and snacks on them too.

Having spent much of his childhood outdoors, before dedicating his early adult years to trekking around the Himalayan Mountains and serving the SAS, Grylls is no stranger to nature or hostility. Despite suffering many potentially deadly injuries and finding himself in numerous dangerous situations throughout his time, the fearless entertainer’s love for the wild wills him on.

While few of us would want to be in his shoes, we’re happy to watch on in shock and disgust from the comfort of our sofas. As a result, he is now one TV’s most well-known figures and has convinced the likes of Channing Tatum, Michael Jordan and Barack Obama to take part in his shows.

Bear Grylls net worth - Compelo
Flickr/Lwp Kommunikáció

What is the Bear Grylls net worth?

Off the back of his success in entertainment, Grylls has built a business empire worth millions.

He sells everything from branded knives to protein shakes. Likewise, he has also published a number of hit books, which detail his many adventures.

Bear Grylls net worth - Compelo
Flickr/Lwp Kommunikáció

His business operations currently generate more than £3.3 million each year. As a result, the Bear Grylls net worth currently stands at around £15.5 million.

However, as his popularity and experience grows, as it surely will, so too will his bank balance.

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