The partners will provide the service at select pharmacies in 37 states

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Uber expected to be the default app for select ScriptDrop pharmacies based on location and driver availability. (Credit: Uber Technologies Inc.)

Ride-hailing company Uber has joined forces with medication access start-up ScriptDrop in a move to expand its prescription delivery services across the US.

The company said that the partnership with the Ohio-based prescription delivery service will help even more customers to benefit from prescriptions supplied directly to their doorsteps.

ScriptDrop works with health systems and telemedicine firms to make it convenient for patients in getting their prescriptions, continue to their therapy, and in avoiding readmission.

Uber, in a blog post, wrote: “The pandemic has exacerbated the need for seamless prescription delivery solutions—especially for our most vulnerable communities—and led more people than ever to look for convenient on-demand options for getting medications to their doorstep.”

ScriptDrop integrates its platform with the existing software and workflow of pharmacies to offer access to delivery solutions. This helps in reducing abandonment of prescriptions for pharmacies and in contributing to better health outcomes for the general public, said Uber.

ScriptDrop CEO Amanda Epp said: “This past year has shown us now more than ever that pharmacies need more effective ways to get patients the prescriptions they need.

“Being able to combine ScriptDrop’s integrated interface with Uber’s technology means that pharmacies of all sizes will be better equipped to improve prescription adherence and serve the most vulnerable of their communities.”

Uber said that by integration through API, its platform will be the default application for certain pharmacies based on location and availability of drivers.

The service will be available at pharmacies in 37 US states, which includes California, New York, and Florida. Uber has plans to expand into more states in the coming weeks and months.

Uber said that pharmacies, which are signed up with ScriptDrop, can now utilise its technology for reaching more customers with their prescriptions.

The company said that for local independent pharmacies, its drivers can enable them to meet patients at their location and cater to their communities in new ways.

Furthermore, its partnership with ScriptDrop helps in offering scope for additional earnings for delivery people using the platform of the ride-hailing company.

Last August, Uber had launched prescription delivery solutions in certain cities in the US through the Uber Eats app by partnering with NimbleRx. The partnership of Uber with the on-demand prescription delivery platform enabled the former to include access to pharmaceutical delivery in Seattle and Dallas.