The collaboration will see Siemens adopting IBM’s hybrid cloud and Red Hat OpenShift for its IoT platform

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The partnership is aimed at extending the deployment flexibility of MindSphere IoT software. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

German engineering services provider Siemens has collaborated with IBM and Red Hat for its MindSphere industrial IoT platform.

The joint initiative will see Siemens adopting IBM’s hybrid cloud and Red Hat OpenShift for its MindSphere, which is an industrial IoT as a service solution.

Organisations use MindSphere to collect and analyse real-time sensor data from products, plants, systems, and machines.

The software is designed to allow users to optimise products, production assets, and manufacturing processes along the entire value chain to build a real-time digital twin.

Using a hybrid cloud, the new collaboration is expected to provide an open, flexible and more secure solution for manufacturers and plant operators to drive real-time value from operational data.

To extend the deployment flexibility of MindSphere, Siemens Digital Industries Software will apply IBM’s open hybrid cloud approach, built on Red Hat OpenShift.

The collaboration is expected to enable its customers to run MindSphere on-premise as well as through the cloud for enhanced product support, updates and enterprise connectivity.

IBM energy, resources, and manufacturing industry general manager Manish Chawla said: “We see that most industrial data is generated outside of IT – in manufacturing operations, supply chains or connected products – yet to leverage digital technologies, manufacturers choose to either send data up to their enterprise cloud, or bring the technology down.

“Our collaboration with Siemens uses hybrid cloud and is being engineered to deliver manufacturers the best of both worlds: autonomy, speed and control over shopfloor data processed at the edge, as well as seamless connection to the enterprise.”

The partnership enables Siemens customers to adopt Red Hat OpenShift as the preferred on-premise architecture, to gain the flexibility to run MindSphere solutions locally in a private cloud, or in future applications through a hybrid, multi-cloud model.

IBM is partnering with Siemens as part of its ecosystem programme to speed up the adoption of hybrid cloud and open architectures across essential industries.

Siemens is leveraging IBM’s Cloud Engagement Fund to gain access to technical resources and cloud credits to support the migration of client workloads to hybrid cloud environments.

IBM’s Cloud Engagement Fund was established as part of IBM’s $1bn investment into its ecosystem.