The Stuttgart-Untertürkheim site will be transformed into a technology competence centre to focus on electric drive and battery technology


Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim plant to produce electric powertrain in the future. (Credit: Daimler AG)

Mercedes-Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler, has announced that it is transforming its Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems unit and Stuttgart-Untertürkheim site for an ‘Electric First’ future, as part of its ‘Ambition 2039’ sustainable corporate strategy.

Following discussions, the management has agreed with the works council of the Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim facility in Germany to invest a three-digit million euro amount to transform the Untertürkheim site.

The Untertürkheim site will focus on R&D activities and enhance the production of drive systems. Upon completion of the transformation, the site will be known as the “Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems Campus” in the future.

It will further expand its e-mobility capabilities through a new campus for electric and electrified drive systems.

The German automaker said that a new plant for the small-series production of future battery cells, and an exclusive battery safety lab will support the company’s R&D undertakings in the field of battery technology. The facility is expected to commence operations in 2023.

Daimler and Mercedes-Benz board of management member Markus Schäfer said: “Targeting our Untertürkheim site on ‘Electric First’ with a dedicated campus for electric drive technologies means an important cornerstone for our Mercedes-EQ product initiative.

“A clear focus of our activities lies on research and process engineering of battery and cell technology, taking into account the entire value chain.”

As part of the transformation programme, the battery R&D activities that are located at the Nabern part of the plant will be shifted to the campus in the future.

Mercedes-Benz is also planning to make additional investments to expand the current cell technology centre to cover the overall value chain of battery technology.

The company stated that the battery plant in Brühl nearby will manufacture batteries for plug-in hybrid vehicles from next year.

The battery systems for the Mercedes-EQ model EQS, the all-electric member of the S-Class family, will be rolled out at the Hedelfingen part of the plant from this year. The EQS model will be produced at Factory 56 in Sindelfingen.

Mercedes-Benz Production and Supply Chain board of management member Jörg Burzer said: “By implementing the new vision at the Untertürkheim site, we want to set the course for a sustainable transformation of Mercedes-Benz with a clear focus on electrification.

“With the Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems Campus, we make sure that the drive systems of tomorrow can be designed to a very significant extent at the site.

“Moreover, producing high-tech battery systems and electric drive systems, drive components ‘made in Untertürkheim’ will continue to define Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the future.”