The new IBM Security Command Centre would train organisations, while Security Operations Centre will help clients respond to cyber-attacks

IBM Security Command Center_empty

IBM Security Command Centre will be located in Bengaluru, India. (Credit: IBM)

IBM has announced a new investment to help businesses prepare for and manage the growing cybersecurity risk to organisations across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

The investment will be used to establish a new IBM Security Command Centre, to train cybersecurity response techniques through highly realistic, simulated cyberattacks.

In addition, the company will use the investment to create a new Security Operation Centre (SOC), adding to its wide network of existing global SOCs.

The new facilities, which are planned to be located at its offices at Embassy Golf Links in Bengaluru, India, will form a strategic hub for its cybersecurity activities in the region, said IBM.

IBM Asia Pacific security CTO Chris Hockings said: “Preparing for a cyberattack is like fire-drill training. Everyone from executives through to contractors need to understand their own role in an emergency and reinforce the crucial response steps through practice.

“The new IBM Security Command Center is the first in the Asia Pacific enabled to train the entire business in the art of response to a cyberattack event, further enhanced by the real-time experience of our security experts based in the adjoining global Security Operations Center.

“With Asia Pacific’s enormous growth, diversity, and role in the global supply chain, these capabilities can be a real game-changer for helping customers face growing threats in the region.”

According to IBM’s global analysis, Asia ranks the top among most targeted regions for cyberattacks, accounting for 26% of all attacks analysed last year.

IBM said its new cybersecurity centres will help organisations to advance their security strategies and align business priorities with a security-first approach.

The company claimed that its new Security Command Centre will use advanced audio and visual effects, along with live malware, ransomware and other real-world hacker tools.

Its simulations were designed after emergency and disaster response training models, in consultation with experts from different industries.

Located adjacent to the new cyber range facility, the new SOC will provide Managed Security Services (MSS) to clients worldwide, said IBM.