The Fortune 2018 Change the World list recognises companies which make global, environmental or social good part of their business strategy with this year's rundown including the likes of Apple and Alphabet

Fortune 2018 Change the World

Apple,and Google’s parent company Alphabet are just a couple of the names on the Fortune 2018 Change the World list.

It recognises a total of 63 companies which make global, social or environmental benefit part of their business strategy.

All valued at over $1bn (£780m), each business is evaluated based on its measurable social impact, business results, degree of innovation and amount of executive commitment to purpose-driven growth.

With tech firms, grocery giants and engineering companies all receiving praise, it makes for an eclectic list – here is a rundown of some of the companies out to change the world.


Fortune 2018 Change the World list: TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity’s 78,000 employees (which includes 7,000 engineers) are currently working with some of the world’s largest automakers across almost 150 countries in a bid to accelerate the transition to clean energy vehicles.

fortune 2018 change the world list
(Credit: TE Connectivity Facebook)

It helps automotive companies turn electric vehicle concepts into commercial realities by offering technology and engineering solutions, in addition to helping reduce the emissions of industrial and commercial transportation vehicles.

Based in Switzerland, the company is valued at $13bn (£10.1bn).

TE Connectivity CEO Terrence Curtin said: “Each day, our 78,000 global employees work towards creating a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future.

“We know we can provide advantages to our customers, owners and employees by living our purpose and demonstrating that companies like ours can be financially successful and have a lasting, positive net impact on the world.”


Fortune 2018 Change the World list: Alphabet

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, was recognised on the list for its shipment of inexpensive Chromebook laptops to US schools.

This accounted for nearly 60% of all PC shipments that year at a time of tightening school budgets, with more than 30 million students and teachers in America now using Google Classroom software.


Fortune 2018 Change the World list: NextEra Energy

NextEra Energy is the top producer of wind energy in North America, valued at more than $17.2bn (£13.3bn) and with 14,000 employees.

Earlier this year, it completed one of the largest solar panel supply deals in history with JinkoSolar, the world’s leading solar panel manufacturer.

The terms included the purchase of up to 2,750 megawatts of high-efficiency solar modules over the next four years – the equivalent of seven million solar panels.

Fortune 2018 Change the World

NextEra Energy CEO Jim Robo said: “We’re extremely pleased to be recognised by Fortune as a company that is changing our world for the better, particularly for our significant investments in solar and wind energy.

“At NextEra Energy, we firmly believe that we have an unprecedented opportunity to shape how energy is produced and delivered.

“By investing in smart infrastructure and innovative clean energy solutions, we’re helping build a sustainable energy future that is affordable, efficient and clean, while at the same time creating tens of thousands of jobs and generating economic benefits for the communities we serve.”


Fortune 2018 Change the World list: Xylem

Xylem is working to tighten the pipes of the world’s water supply, installing sensor-driven, software-enabled technologies that can reduce losses in a bid to realise its goal of “solving water”.

The $4.7bn (£3.7bn) company also develops wastewater efficiency solutions and helps cities to mitigate the damage of severe flooding.

CEO Patrick Decker said: “We are privileged to operate in an industry where we pioneer innovative approaches and technologies that are not only core to our business, but also have a lasting impact on communities.

“We are honoured to be recognised by Fortune as a company that is driving social impact – a testament to the work of Xylem’s nearly 17,000 colleagues who are committed to making water safer, more accessible and more affordable for people and communities around the world.

“Our global mission of solving water is rooted in our purpose as an enterprise, which is to create both social and economic value in all that we do.”


Fortune 2018 Change the World list: Apple

Apple secured its place on the list for the the decade-old iPhone’s contribution to bettering communication and facilitating computing around the world.

Fortune also noted the company’s stand on privacy, including its refusal to sell access to its users’ data, in addition to its commitment to lowering its carbon footprint.

Fortune 2018 Change the World list

Fortune 2018 Change the World list: Kroger

Grocery giant Kroger is worth $122.7bn (£94.8bn), employs 449,000 people and last year donated the equivalent of 325 million meals through a partnership with US non-profit organisation Feeding America.

It intends to solve hunger issues in the communities within which it operates in addition to eliminating internal waste by 2025 – a year in which it also aims to donate the equivalent of three billion meals.

Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen said: “Kroger is honoured and thrilled to be recognised by Fortune for how we are leveraging our business and resources to create social impact.

“Being a socially-conscious company has always been a part of Kroger’s culture and core business operations.

“This recognition is possible thanks to the legacy of the leaders who have gone before us and the incredible inspired actions of our associates.

“From Barney Kroger donating day-old bread to feed hungry neighbours until today, we are committed to living our purpose of feeding the human spirit.”