The Malaysian firm will use Microsoft Azure for deploying the BHC3 Reliability application

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C3 AI, Baker Hughes to provide enterprise AI solutions to PETRONAS. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

A consortium of C3 AI and Baker Hughes is set to provide enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to Malaysian energy company Petronas to help accelerate its digital transformation.

The partnership will deploy (BHC3) technology across the Malaysian oil and gas firm’s strategic digital transformation programmes.

Petronas will use the expertise of the energy technology, AI, and data science professionals at Baker Hughes and C3 AI for enhancing the reliability of its energy assets in critical operations.

The Malaysian state-owned firm will use the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service for deploying the BHC3 Reliability application.

Petronas project delivery and technology senior vice president Samsudin Miskon said: “Petronas addresses the energy demands of today by leveraging the power of digital as an accelerator, technology as a differentiator, and data as an asset.

“Petronas is committed to accelerated digital transformation that delivers productivity, efficiency, visibility, safety and performance. The predictive intelligence of AI is critical to meeting these needs, and this is only possible with AI that drives outcomes at pace and scale.”

The BHC3 application is expected to further enhance maintenance programmes for gas turbines. In a separate project, the BHC3 Reliability application will be used for boosting the reliability of control valves through its detection of anomalous conditions to prevent downtime.

According to Baker Hughes, BHC3 Reliability is a software solution that offers AI-enabled insights for addressing process and equipment performance risks.

The application can detect anomalies, provide prioritised alerts to operators, and also recommend prescriptive actions. Besides, the software solution facilitates collaboration across the enterprise.

Baker Hughes claims that BHC3 Reliability generates value via increased revenue from recovered production, decreased costs of unplanned downtime, extended equipment life, and enhanced safety in operations.

C3 AI president and CTO Ed Abbo said: “Petronas’ selection of BHC3 technology from Baker Hughes and C3 AI showcases the acceleration of digital transformation programs that deliver strategically on the promise for cleaner energy.

“The deep energy technology expertise of Baker Hughes, together with the AI technology C3 AI has developed over the past 10 years, facilitates leaders’ adoption of AI as the transformative digital technology for the energy industry.”