Under the Preventive Care Medwell initiative in Indonesia, the partners have built a personalised wellness and population health virtual platform dubbed ConnectedLife with Fitbit


Main building of Biofarma in Bandung, Indonesia. (Credit: Guzoer/Wikipedia.org)

Bio Farma is joining forces with Google Cloud, Fitbit, and ConnectedLife on a new digital health initiative dubbed Preventive Care Medwell in Indonesia.

The initiative will support the Indonesian government’s “Healthy Indonesia” blueprint and vision.

Bio Farma is the parent company of Indonesian pharmaceutical state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Fitbit is a US-based consumer electronics and fitness company, while ConnectedLife is a healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) firm headquartered in Singapore.

As part of the Preventive Care Medwell initiative, the four organisations have built a personalised wellness and population health virtual platform called ConnectedLife with Fitbit.

The platform is designed to help Indonesians in taking decisive steps for healthier living and prevention of chronic diseases.

Bio Farma chief transformation and digital officer Soleh Ayubi said: “By utilising Google Cloud and ConnectedLife with Fitbit’s industry-leading capabilities in wearable technology, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as their experience in building trusted digital platforms and ecosystems, we hope to empower Indonesians to take control of their health, adopt a lifestyle that prevents chronic and severe diseases, and age gracefully with enhanced quality of life.”

Built on the infrastructure and data services of Google Cloud, the ConnectedLife with Fitbit platform enables users in syncing their health insights from the Fitbit application with the ConnectedLife web and mobile dashboard. This is said to give them a comprehensive view of how their health and wellness are impacted by lifestyle factors such as daily activity, sleep, nutrition, and stress levels.

ConnectedLife with Fitbit will analyse data of users to return a dynamic wellness score. It will also provide personalised insights, recommendations, as well as gamified experiences to motivate the user to initiate behavioural change that is both meaningful and sustained.

Using the platform, healthcare providers and employers can make use of a separate data visualisation tool to give a deeper understanding to individuals of their health risk profiles.

The platform synchronises data from users’ ConnectedLife with Fitbit dashboards, health screening records, as well as other sources. This helps healthcare providers and employers to remotely evaluate and detect emerging health risks at an individual as well as population level.

Google Cloud Indonesia country director Megawaty Khie said: “With Fitbit’s technology ecosystem facilitating health improvements for millions across the world and Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine already accelerating the development of Bio Farma’s Polio, Tetanus, and COVID-19 vaccines, this new initiative is an extension and recognition of our collective and positive work to date.

“With ConnectedLife as our innovation partner, we are confident that the combination of devices, software, and personalised services – along with robust accountability for data acquisition, privacy, and protection – can bring meaning to health information, motivate Indonesians to take proactive steps toward preventive health, and enable local healthcare providers to deliver efficient and high-quality care.”